Today is the first day of the rest of your blog.

In the beginning, we manually updated a page.

Services grew to do this for us. We conjured characters into a box via secret patterns of the fingers. We laughed, pleased with keeping our FTP clients inactive, while others looked on trying to learn our magic. We gave them not this magic, for they were not deserving.

Then, they offered money, and the magic was theirs as well as ours.

Now, I have returned.

I am Dave. I had a weblog long ago, and now I do once more. I don’t really know that there will be any unifying theme to the content here, only that I’ve wanted to write again for a while and am hoping this being setup here will provoke my output. I’m a programmer, photographer, lover of music, science, and the open road. You might expect content related to that but, for all I know, I’ll decide mid-week to only post drafts of a novella I’ll assemble from the perspective of a viciously jealous left shoe.

Expect design tweaks (I may have gone overboard with the text shadow initially), enraged weekend migrations to custom code solutions, and hopefully something worth reading now and then.

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