Recent Consumption

Right, so, that putsch on Wednesday kinda messed up my intention of keeping interesting, at least with regard to what I’m enjoying, but here’s a few jams.

Emma Ruth Rundle: Marked For Death

There’s some sort of (sub-?)genre of music that is raw rocking, kinda folky, occasionally metallic, typically morose and gloomy that I only recently realized is a whole grouping of its own that I’m apparently way into. Rundle’s presence sounds full and cutting, even with mostly her electric guitar and voice driving the show.

To be honest, I am struggling to describe her well without sounding like a pretentious ass and resorting to terminology like “death gospel” or “experimental dark folk” but she’s on Bandcamp so it’s incredibly easy for you to give her a listen yourself.

Zamilska: UNDONE and Uncovered

You may have noted my previous mention of Ruiner’s “absolutely banging industrial soundtrack.” Zamilska is a big part of that. UNDONE holds several of Ruiner’s tracks and Uncovered, a newer release (2019), will also punch you in the face in the good way.

Spaniards in the Snow

A Twitter thread of videos from Madrid, where residents are enjoying the largest snowfall in over six decades. Highlights include epic snowball fights, surprisingly detailed snow dicks, skiing by car, and a tyrannosaurus rex (of course).

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